SpearFishing for PARROTFISH

kill shot BLUE-BARRED PARROTFISH I aimed at the Blue Barred ‘s brain and was able to hit it. The skin diving was over in about 15 minutes, but it was nice to have fish. BLUE-BARRED PARROTFISH an […]

Spearfishing for KNIFEJAW

Two SPOTTED KNIFEJAW Two things I figured were realized. Success of the perfect kill shot and getting the kuchijiro/ishigaki beakfish. So happy! kill shot BARRED KNIFEJAW/kuchiguro 65cm Because it was […]

Spearfishing for AMBERJACK

The First Hi-fin AMBERJACK 80cm I was able to catch the fish that I had hoped for. That is Highfin Amberjack(Seriola rivoliana Valenciennes).The size is 80 cm.It was very delicious if it was eaten wit […]